Looking to apply to a top 10 MBA program in a few years.

Currently finishing up my undergraduate degree at a top 20 national university. I have a 3.65 GPA, majoring in Computer Science, and have a Business Concentration.

I got 1 D in my second semester of freshmen year in a basic CS class (Algorithms). I've done significantly better in all of my classes with a range of A+ to B across the board. The semester I received a D in one class, I took too many hours and couldn't do well on all my exams. That semester, it was that one class that I got a D in - otherwise I had all As and A+s.

I'm hoping to work in industry for a few years before applying to MBA school but would love to learn what the serious chances/challenges/implications are as I apply to a Top 10 MBA School. I just want to get a better trajectory on where my career path lies.

The dream is to be in technology management - a CTO, VP of Engineering etc.