Some journals propose authors to suggest potential reviewers for their submitted papers.

Is there any research/study/survey that tried to quantify to what extent suggesting potential reviewers for one's submitted paper impacts the likelihood of the paper being accepted?

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    Being in a position to suggest reviewers probably means you are integrated in to your research community and accepted within it. One's prior success is likely the best predictor of future success. – Jon Custer Apr 23 '17 at 18:47
  • Suggested reviewers are often a path to collusion as well. I don't think naming them helps your chances. – Fred Douglis Apr 23 '17 at 20:40
  • @JonCuster However, the ancedotal evidence here: academia.stackexchange.com/q/10474/19607 suggests that suggesting reviewers lowers the likelihood of a paper being accepted (interpreted in an appropriate statistical sense). – Kimball Apr 23 '17 at 23:39
  • I highly doubt there has been a study on this, and you will not get more than ancedotal evidence such as in the post I linked to above. – Kimball Apr 23 '17 at 23:40

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