One of my research articles was in review and the reviewer has given a comment which is as follows:

"Thus this paper provides some useful information on the most appropriate approach to use when dealing with prediction, even if reported results are related to just one dataset, and the authors haven't provided any comment on the extension of the reported results to other similar cases."

A brief about my work is that I used a dataset from the industry that I am working and developed a model for a prediction problem. There is only a single dataset that the company has. In this work, multiple methods were tried including the conventional ones. How do I respond to this comment? Can I tell that this is one of the possible future work that can be done?


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You could try and mention, explicitly, that further applications are the subject of further research - but in a similar paper that I had published (with a similar comment from a reviewer), I provided a couple of specific examples of other similar applications where the model could be applied.

A colleague noted that this made it a bit more likely that the paper would be cited, due to other authors relating to the comment relating to potential further work.

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