I am student of PhD (part time) in one of the universities in India. I have completed my mandatory courses of Research Methodology, Quantitative Techniques and Comprehensive exam of one of the selected stream.

My Query is: In case I withdraw from my current university and get myself enrolled in another, would I have to clear all the above subjects again in new university?

Can anyone from India throw some light in this case?


It entirely depends on the new university's policies. They are free to accept transfer credit, but they're not obligated to do so. They're likewise free to accept degree milestones like qual exams, but they're not obligated to.

Check with the graduate director or staff at the new university. In general a department is cautious about accepting credit from other schools. They're sometimes more accepting if you're coming from a school they consider comparable or better than themselves, or if you're coming because of planned special circumstances (like if your adviser moves and you go with them).

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That depends on the new university. You need to discuss this issue with the Ph.D. coordinator at your new university and find out what deal is offered to you.

I dropped out of one program, spent some years working, then returned to a different program. I chatted with the Ph.D. coordinator, who decided which of their requirements were met and which were not. In my case I took a few additional classes but did not need to take qualifying or comprehensive exams again.

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