I am applying for a MSc research degree. So far, I haven't secured a supervisor, but I am interested mostly in cardiovascular research and there are only 3 of them in the entire department. Since they might not agree to take me (I've spoken to them), the program advisor suggested that I still apply anyway and hopefully some other PI will accept me (essentially I'll accept the offer to work in any other research theme as long as I get admitted to the program).

Then comes the statement of purpose, my friends in grad school recommended that I make it generic. However, a generic letter must still include my specific research interest, right? and If I were to write that I am solely interested in cardiovascular research, other PIs in the department may pass on me.

I googled and searched for how to write a proper statement of purpose but haven't found a clear answer to my question. From your experience, how long was your letter of intent and what exactly included ?

  • 2 pages. what it exactly included? A summary of my intellectual history, why I want to join and roughly what topics I would consider+names of possible advisors. – Rüdiger Mar 29 '17 at 22:55
  • Precise? Yes. Accurate? Not necessarily. – JeffE Mar 30 '17 at 0:24
  • @JeffE could you elaborate on why it doesnt have to be necessarily accurate? – Emma Mar 30 '17 at 3:08

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