Part of my (computer science) research work involves a relatively new open source technology that I feel has been overlooked by the research community. It would seem valuable to raise the awareness of this technology to the research community in a few different subdomains of the field. Would a paper that describes the open source technology, explains how it works, and demonstrates its utility with some original, albeit simple, work be ethical? While I have contributed to the open source technology, I am by no means a primary creator, and would intend to include some of the main contributors and original creator as secondary authors.

The question Should I write a paper on open-source software I've built? is related, but this question is asking about open source software that I only contributed to, as one of hundreds of contributors.

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    Write a blog post. Those get read more widely anyway. :-) Mar 29, 2017 at 20:08

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Just to get the ball rolling. I do not see any major problem if you:

  • Significant contributed to the software;
  • Enables new research challenges to be addressed or address research challenges significantly better (e.g., faster, easier, simpler).

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