I am writing a paper (in German) for a philosophy seminar using MLA citation style. For my work I use three english sources and I am going to translate all of my quotes for a better textflow. At the frist quote, I would like to mark that all of the following quotes will be translated by me. How do I do that in MLA?

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Footnote —per work— is the easiest and flows the best for me.

Given that “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” (Lorem 42),3 it is evident that…

  1. This and all subsequent quotations are my own translations from the original Ipsum language.

But it's not unheard of to do it in the parenthetical reference:

Given that “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” (Lorem 42, translation mine), it is evident that…

I can't seem to find an example of someone doing it for multiple ones like you mention, although I definitely recall seeing it once or twice. The parenthetical form is most commonly done for a source you only cite once or twice and each time you just say translation mine (or translations mine if there are two or more quotations that go with a reference), but I guess it wouldn't be horrible if you put this and subsequent translations mine or similar.

So basically, my recommendation is parenthetical if you'll use them a handful of times. Footnote if you'll be quoting extensively from them.

  • Good answer. I think you'll feel more confident about this if you look at one or two papers where this was done. Mar 20, 2017 at 5:27

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