According to editor guideline on springer website "Accept with minor revisions is actually a commitment to ultimately publish the paper, provided the authors answer the remaining concerns (which should be relatively minor) in a timely and proper way."
However, one of my article which was accepted with minor revision is now under "Editor Invited" status after the submission of revised version. I sent an email to editor, who was handling my article, he said he can not see revised version on system.

Is it possible that an article might be handed over to another editor at final stages by journal office without notifying the handling editor?
How it can affect the overall review process? Should I expect more delay and more chances of rejection even the decision was Accept with minor revisions?

  • I would write a letter to the editor in chief, because he is the person in charge of the editorial process. – Andrei Smolensky Mar 8 '17 at 21:48

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