I never had this issue before so I was quite shocked with what happened to me.

There were tons of assignments in my art appreciation class and I didn't see any due dates on dropbox (we are using D2L) so I contacted to my instructor. Couple of hours later I got a response from her saying "I fear that you are not going to be able to pass this class", apparently between this hours she also uploaded every single grade from beginning of the semester until 5th week of the semester. At this point I realized there were assignments with due dates. On the syllabus, there were dates stated with assignments but there was only one with due date from over 10 assignments. Because of any due dates on Drop Box and one due date on syllabus, I wasn't aware of due date. I told her why I confused and she said I didn't even read the syllabus and there was a separate document called Homework Policies. There are over 60 documents in this class and I thought syllabus is supposed to give you information of Homework Policies as well. Also I already read my syllabus weeks ago. In the email she also said "It is your responsibility to ask about this information in a timely manner." That is true and I agree that I am lazy, but she didn't put any due dates in either drop box or syllabus (one from syllabus which is still before due date) and even in that situation I was able to notice issue earlier if she uploaded at least a single grade and not delaying until 5th week of when I was asking question about assignments.

I am taking 13 credits and this class worth 3 credits which means if I drop this course I will be below 12 but I already lost quite decent grade in this class from not knowing due dates and I seriously don't want to stay in this small class where I have to face her everytime. I am concerning to talk to my adviser because that's what I believe adviser is for but based on how she usually advice me with courses and degree, she is quite careless person which makes me not sure what I need to do for this semester. I know there were mistakes from me but still there are parts she caused confusion in her guideline. Can someone advice with what I should do with this?

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    Did you turn in any assignments during this 5 weeks? – scaaahu Feb 18 '17 at 9:03
  • My instructor (professor) and my adviser aren't same person. My instructor (professor) is the one I have a trouble with and I am concerned in talking about this issue to my adviser with worries because my adviser already gave me to much impression of 'just get this over with' – Ted Feb 18 '17 at 9:09
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    @Ted scaaahu's point was to talk to the other students. If many have the same problem as you, then dealing with the problem as a group might be best. If you are the only one having the problem, then you might need to beg. – earthling Feb 18 '17 at 13:11
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    So in 5 weeks into a class and you didn't complete any assignments and just assume that if you aren't told to do it you won't need to until you are told ? (It sounds like a lot of rationalization here) – Carol Feb 18 '17 at 15:03
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    Have you been attending your class? The fact that you lost some quiz grade strongly suggests that you have not been attending the class, and I can't really disagree with your instructor that I'm not going to care too much about a student who doesn't attend classes and doesn't even bother to read all the documents to make an honest effort at catching up. Also, it's quite normal to not have due dates for all the homework written on the syllabus. – Sana Feb 18 '17 at 17:20

From what you've provided, I think that the worst that can be said is that the professor wasn't as clear as they could have been (and the extent to which this is true is hard for us to judge, knowing only one side of the story). Even at its most extreme interpretation, though, this doesn't rise to the level of something which is actionable. There is a gulf between poor performance (in any sense) on the professor's part, and activity which gives you grounds to challenge or otherwise "fix" your grade. There are plenty of far worse stories - I have one or two myself - where the only response is ultimately "Dangit" and doing better the next time around.

Note that I'm deliberately taking the most extreme interpretation of the OP's post in the above - my point is that, even if we interpret things in the worst way for the professor, they are still well within the bounds of acceptability.

Your last paragraph asks a separate question:

I am concerning to talk to my adviser because that's what I believe adviser is for but based on how she usually advice me with courses and degree, she is quite careless person which makes me not sure what I need to do for this semester.

This is a difficulty which often happens (I had some interactions of this type with my own advisor). But almost certainly your university has a handboook or website detailing what is required for each major, what the general graduation requirements are, etc. - and you should read this. Finally, you can politely ask for more explicitly justified advice from your advisor - e.g. "OK, but I'm still worried that we're missing a requirement - can you help me through [part of handbook] to make sure we're not missing anything?" Note that this signals your awareness that making sure you graduate - and reading the relevant documents - is also your job, which is related to your main question.

More specific advisor-related advice will depend on our understanding better exactly how your interactions with your advisor have gone - e.g. if you expand on "I am concerned in talking about this issue to my adviser with worries because my adviser already gave me to much impression of 'just get this over with.'"

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  • The fact that I didn't contact my instructor earlier is what I did wrong but , I am constantly agreeing with that one but they never really mention about what I confused with and keep telling what I should have been doing, people including my instructor and my parents are saying as if I committed a crime, it feels worse enough. Me, my instructor and my adviser are all foreigners but academic issues are always with foreigners beyond Americans, people saying it's just preferences but who don't put due dates in drop box when there are due dates? – Ted Feb 18 '17 at 18:43
  • I know how my audit should look like within my major, this is my general core course (not my major) that I have to take as a student in science department. So I don't need to take this art appreciation class for my degree, still this is what I already assigned for this semester and if I drop it I have to take another class, I am not sure if it is possible to take oneline course at this point. – Ted Feb 18 '17 at 18:51
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    @Ted - Well, make sure you write down ALL your questions before you go see your advisor; if any questions don't get clearly answered, do go see your dean of undergraduate studies. Your goal should be to find out what you can do to remedy the situation with this particular class. (Try not to get defensive OR accusatory. Just explain how the misunderstanding occurred. Because of language and cultural differences, make sure you do nice and slow, to minimize misunderstandings.) // I hope the take-home lesson for next time is clear: when you will miss class due to illness, email the instructor; – aparente001 Feb 20 '17 at 15:19
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    ... establish one or two study partners at the beginning of the semester -- people whom you can contact directly in case you're unclear about, for example, a due date; if you can't find a due date, email the instructor and ask. // Students make mistakes, we're all only human. But if you are only at the five-week point in the semester, a humble attitude may enable you to recover in this class. – aparente001 Feb 20 '17 at 15:21

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