Recently, I received the preliminary result for the MSCA-IF-2016 (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship) application, and I learned that I am in the 'reserve list'. I wonder if there is a way to learn the updated funding threshold, which can help me make a better guess regarding my position in the 'reserve list'.


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I recently contacted my national contact point. They were able to inform me on the size of the reserve list and my position on that list.



You can find the results from your national contact point and you can also check the list of the results as provided from their site.

In addition, according to their blog from last year:

"This may take up to one year until you are informed if your proposal will be still be funded or not. Experience from recent years shows that no more than 5 proposals - but depending on the panel! - might be funded from the reserve list. It is impossible to foresee or give a valid estimation about the chances for funding."

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