I was going through a few links (web pages) to/of the conferences which are going to be organized by few institutes under the publication name of IEEE or IEEE societies.

However, to my surprise, I came across a conference where the peer-review is provided within probably 24 hours. For example conf_surprise. I am not providing clear details on this, one could easily check it out.

The committee of the conferences contains a list of reputable scientists (actually numerous). Given the quality look of the website, the conference looks fraudulent, although there exists a record number in IEEE Xplore.

Though I understand that it is the headache of IEEE or the organizers, I find it really difficult to submit any papers there or suggests anyone to submit to such conferences.

Question: Should I report about such quality (authenticity of the committee) of such conferences to IEEE directly? Can it harm us if I present my good quality paper there along with a set of really junk papers; -- I have been very rude here, but, I have come across conferences publishing junks.

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