I need help deciding how to cite a specific chapter of a group for my thesis. My problem is basically with the different types of authors the chapters of this book has. The authors titles are: Coordinating Lead author, Lead Authors, Contributing Authors and Review editors. So, which ones do I include?

  • Could you give an example? Also what citation style are you using (APA, MLA)?
    – gman
    Commented Dec 8, 2016 at 20:24
  • Thank you for your reply. I am currently using the APA citation style. Commented Dec 8, 2016 at 21:24
  • The following is the chapter i need to cite. Chapter 17 Cultural and Amenity Services Coordinating Lead Authors: Rudolf de Groot, P.S. Ramakrishnan Lead Authors: Agnes van de Berg, Thaya Kulenthran, Scott Muller, David Pitt, Dirk Wascher, Gamini Wijesuriya Contributing Authors: Bas Amelung, Nesa Eliezer, Aspara Ram Gopal, Mechtild Ro¨ ssler Review Editors: Xu Jianchu, Hebe Vessuri Commented Dec 8, 2016 at 21:26
  • I really wish i could post it with the proper paragraphs. My problem is that there are 4 different author titles. i dont know which to choose or if there is a priority. every chapter has different authors as well. Commented Dec 8, 2016 at 21:27

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From the APA blog this is what you need to site in APA

Author, A. A. (Year). Title of chapter. In B. B. Editor (Ed.), Title of book [E-reader version, if applicable] (pp. xxx–xxx). Retrieved from http://xxxxx

You will see in the purdue OWL that you should only list seven authors. So your chapter citation should look like this. I'm assuming this is the chapter you are referring to at this link.

De Groot, R, Ramakrishnan, P.S, Van De Berg, A, Kulenthran,, T, Muller, S, Pitt, D, ... Rossler, M. (2005). Chapter 17 Cultural and Amenity Services (Xu Jianchu and Hebe Vessuri Ed.). In Rashid Hassan, Robert Scholes, and Neville Ash (Ed.), Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Current State and Trends (Vol. 1, The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, pp. 455-476). Washington: Island Press.

For in text citations use the following link

Six or More Authors: Use the first author's name followed by et al. in the signal phrase or in parentheses.

Harris et al. (2001) argued...

(Harris et al., 2001)

  • thank you very much for your help in this. I had no idea about the seven authors part. Commented Dec 8, 2016 at 23:28
  • @YiannisPaneras no problem. If the answer helped you, you can upvote it and accept. That's the usual way for thanking on this site.
    – gman
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