Using Google's search operators, guide, we can restrict our search to that of a particular web domain, eg: site:twitter.com Paul Daniels

Within Google Scholar, can we perform a similar in nature search but for articles within a particular conference (or journal)? I am looking an operator specific to Google scholar which I expect would resemble conference:NIPS Paul Daniels


To search within a particular conference, go to the search result page (using an arbitrary search term), click on the small triangle that appears in the top row to the far right of the page and click on "Advanced search". This will open an extended search dialog where a field "Return articles published in..." exists.


From the main scholar.google.com page you can select "Advanced Search" from the menu on the top left side (hidden behind hamburger menu button)


You can use the source: operator. For example, search by source:NIPS to restrict to documents published by sources containing "NIPS" in their name.

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