Can the same supplementary materials be used in different manuscripts?

For example, hdy201491x2.docx in this article contains a table showing "Detailed hit frequencies (%) of the in silico analysis of the F479/R888 primer set for Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryota."

The same table appears as mbt212162-sup-0002-tables1.docx in this other article.


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From the point of view of originality, I would say that supplementary materials can be used in different manuscripts.

Indeed, supplementary materials is usually brought along the article/chapter to present a data set, as in your example, so it's like archival material, rather than its analysis/interpretation that is carried out in the article itself.

As a result, the same set of supplementary materials might be reproduced and used in different articles, but analysed in different and bringing to different conclusions.

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