I am trying to figure out which template to use for the journals

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence


IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

Both are journals published by IEEE comsoc, but both also are transactions.

On the IEEE template info page I find separate template for both of them:


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If you downoload the templates for Communications Society Journals and open the README, you will find the following note

This package contains the IEEE Communications Society subset of the full IEEEtran package and is intended for use with IEEE Communications Society publications. The included version of the IEEEtran_HOWTO.pdf has been specially formatted in IEEE Communications Society (comsoc) journal mode.

and the disclaimer

NOTE: Take care not to confuse the "comsoc" and "compsoc" class options/modes as they are very different:

comsoc ==> IEEE Communications Society

compsoc ==> IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence is not published by the IEEE Communications Society but by the IEEE Computer Society (compsoc). Thus, I think that for this you should use the templates for Computer Society Journals.

The IEEE Transactions on Multimedia seems to be published by both societies and by others too. The IEEE Transactions on Multimedia home page links at the information for authors page which further links to the author digital tools page, but saying (bold mine):

The style files are available on the web at the IEEE Author Digital Toolbox (link is external) under "Template for all Transactions." (LaTeX and MS Word).

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