Do top American universities (such as NYU, etc.) sponsor H1B visa petitions for staff position? If yes, what type of jobs are sponsored in staff positions?

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  • The key here is the nature and duration of the job. You simply can't sponsor an employee for an H-1B visa if the position doesn't require at least a Bachelor's degree. You can't sponsor without being able to assert that qualified US citizens/residents weren't available- for most low level administrative and IT positions, that can be tough. It also makes little sense to sponsor for an H-1B visa if the position is for a limited time- thus many universities won't sponsor an H-1B visa for a one or two year post-doc or visiting assistant professor position. Commented Sep 27, 2016 at 19:54
  • Actually, the sites I looked at seemed to suggest it happens pretty regularly. But yes, absolutely must be specialized and long term.
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Yes. A simple google search for "H1-B university staff" links to a bunch of federal and school-specific policies. It goes without saying these roles are reserved for people with "specialized knowledge," etc. Also a link to a similarish question about faculty is here.

You asked "what type" and I missed that the first time around. Here is a link to a page that explains H1B jobs open at NYU. Not all but mostly faculty positions.

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