As far as I know, the only indexing services which track citation across journals and data repositories are accessed for a fee. Are there any free-to-use databases of article or data citation indices ?

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  • No. They exist but getting numbers from such indexing services would be fraudulent. – Coder Sep 15 '16 at 9:15
  • Thanks for the answer, but you've just made me more curious. Could you please give me the names of any that you know of that do exist ? I know about Scopus and Web of Science (and of course, google Scholar) - any others ? – Bruce Becker Sep 15 '16 at 9:16
  • 1
    There are few fraudulent websites that keep track of citations for predatory journals. One of which is Scientific Journal Impact Factor (SJIF). – Coder Sep 15 '16 at 9:18
  • @Coder , mind explaining why fraudulent? I don't follow your reasoning. – lf_araujo Mar 7 '18 at 12:55

I work for a biomedical literature database - Europe PMC, which makes citation data freely available. You can access it programmatically, via the articles API (https://europepmc.org/RestfulWebService#cites). This resource also tracks data citations for over 20 different public resources: https://europepmc.org/Help#trackdatacit

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