I would like to cite one of the descriptions present on the DIEHARD test battery, which is located on a CD-ROM here. Specifically, I would like to cite the craps test. If I could have the citation in the form of a BibTeX entry, I would be very glad. Thanks.

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I find the easiest way to cite scientific software is to search it on Google Scholar and see if anyone else has cited it. In this case, searching for "DIEHARD: a battery of tests of randomness" yields one result that's been cited in 614 papers. Clicking the cite button and picking BibTex gives the following:

  title={The Diehard random number testsuite},
  author={Marsaglia, George},

You may want to throw a \url{} around the address, but otherwise that should work for you. Just mention the specific test in your paper when you cite it.

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