I've seen this latin term in footnotes several times and still don't know the meaning of it. It is usually used like this:

[34] About this, see John Smith 2003, ad indicem.

or like this:

[65] Jane Smith 2006, 98-101, and ad indicem.

What does it mean? Does it mean "there are too many pages in this book related to this topic. I don't want to list them all. Just go check the index yourself"?

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To be short, yes.

According to the post in English.SE, it means 'see the index'. It basically tells you to refer the index section and look for the topic that is discussed in the context where it is cited.

Note: This question was asked in both Academia.SE and English.SE to benefit both communities as there isn't a single standard dictionary that could be found online to define this term. Credits go to the original answer in English.SE for answering my post.

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