Is there a good, reputable preprint service that is used in the environmental and earth sciences, and considered acceptable by the major publishers? Many journals specifically state that it is okay to submit a paper that has been uploaded to arXiv and I would like to take advantage of that, however I am not in a field covered by arXiv.

[I'm aware of the similar question, Preprint services other than arXiv (for other fields), but it is fairly old and there are no answers relevant to my field]

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I just found the following article (open access version) published in 2013 which lists 7 repositories for the earth sciences:

  • CEDA Repository
  • Earth-prints Repository
  • Institution Aquatic Commons
  • Organic Eprints
  • AgEcon Search
  • Open Knowledge Environment of the Caribbean
  • antbase.org

I haven't checked the actuality of this list.


Since this question was first asked, two repositories that are not in the answer above should be mentioned:

Earth Arxiv, run by the Open Science Framework, and the Earth and Space Science Open Archive (ESSOAr), will be co-run by the American Geophysical Union.

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