I'm starting my dissertation in which I'm creating a mobile application for public use.

My problem is I need evidences to support my hypothesis and I was informed that I will only be allowed to collect data from users inside the company for which I'm doing the app, since the application won't be released in time of my deadline.

I think this might invalidate my data since these are users who are aware of the application development.

I thought I could do some quizzes and try to have "outside" people to fill them but I'm not sure if this enough to support my hypothesis since these people didn't had any contact with my application.

So my question is if using data from quizzes about a possible solution (like mine) is enough to support my dissertation since I can't let people try my app by themselves.

  • thanks you really gave me a good idea which i think i can go on with... My application is related with healthcare by the way...
    – Navy Seal
    Jan 17 '13 at 21:44

Very hard to answer without knowing the details of your work, the app in question, more background, and what other contributions you can make part of your dissertation. But… even if a formal release isn't possible by the deadline, couldn't you arrange for testing on outside people but on your devices (instead of theirs)? That way, you can load the app on a series of say, 10 devices, then have people test it (sort of a focus group)…

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