I asked a question a while back dealing with peers cheating and the ethics of reporting them to the professors. This questions deals with a professor who is "cheating", or in this case plagiarizing.

I recently received a take-home midterm exam that looked very odd. The entire document looked as if it had been written in Latex but here and there the instructor's name, in mixed Times New Romand and Helveltica, pasted over parts at odd angles, even tilted at certain points.

So, I looked up the instructor's test online. Don't ask me why, just a hunch. Voila, found it on another course instructor's website as the midterm exam for his course as well, and this time the entire format was entirely Latex, with no visible issues, with the exact same questions word for word and order.

Then, I crosschecked the professor with the institution's instructor that produced the exam and could not find any evidence that supported the professor working at that institution.

The reason I'm so agitated of all this is the professor is a known, habitual liar, at least to me. In lectures he is frequent to make up stuff as he talks about himself a lot, and claims to have been educated at institutions he was never a part of, at least from googling and linkedin profiles.

Examples, he's claimed to have graduated from "x university" yet cannot find any reference to his name from that university except from other universities.

This was the nail in the coffin as I had my suspicions with other assignments that he had posted, all seemingly ripped from many other instructor's websites (not from a book, which I verified). Of course, there's no way to tell that maybe this instructor who "originally" had the exam could have copied it from the instructor I have now.

I don't know what should I do. Is there even such a thing to report professors of plagiarism? In this case it looks like he's taken someone else's test, slapped the college name and his name over it, and called it a day. Is it even worth my time or should I just forget about it entirely? In general, should I even bother? Just as students are to follow the Honor Code and not plagiarize on assignments, should I also hold the professors themselves accountable?