So I got an email from my university that a donor is willing to provide me with a scholarship to help me finish my program. I don't know him and I never met him before.

I mentioned these points in my thank you letter:


  • Purpose of the letter / Thank you
  • Informing about the university and that I received the scholarship

Paragraph 1:

  • How would the scholarship reflect on my education
  • Appreciation
  • Willing to do better

Paragraph 2:

  • Introducing my major and all the projects that I accomplished so far.
  • Excitement
  • Thank you

Last paragraph:

  • Thank you

This might sound weird but am I missing personal information? Is it usually supposed to introduce yourself and maybe your contact information in a thank you letter?

I want it to be professional but I never done this before and excuse me this is my first time here

  • Consider substituting "prepared to work hard" for "willing to do better." – Bob Brown Jul 2 '16 at 16:58

If I received a donor personally choosing to fund my education, I would include personal information in the thank you letter. The personal information I would include are things like "I grew up in .... I became interested in [scientific field] because..." and I would include it in the first paragraph. The reason that I feel that including personal information is appropriate is because you were personally chosen for this funding source (as opposed to applying to a scholarship committee, for example). Congrats!

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  • Thank you for your response. I will include that. How many lines do you think the letter is nice to be? – Sandra K Jul 2 '16 at 1:24
  • 1
    3/4 of a page will show dedication while keeping it short. – J. Roibal - BlockchainEng Jul 2 '16 at 2:28
  • Thanks :) What approximate font size if you don't mind? Because I am doing it hand written – Sandra K Jul 2 '16 at 3:23
  • 12 point. I think around 500-650 words is appropriate. – J. Roibal - BlockchainEng Jul 2 '16 at 5:08

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