I'm developing an application that works with BibTeX files, and I'd like to test it with a large collection produced not by myself, to be sure that the application will handle it correctly and to assess its responsiveness (with large I mean at least a thousand of entries). But I cannot find any such collection available for download, even though there are many resources that provide bibliographies for queries online via html-pages. Does anyone know where I can download a large .bib file? (The topic of the collection is irrelevant.)


For your purposes, I would highly recommend you to use The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies by Alf-Christian Achilles. This extensive collection contains 3M+ references on the various CS subjects (grouped in about 1500 collections) and, besides offering search and browse interfaces, allows one to download the actual bibliographic data in BibTeX format - just select a particular bibliography and you will see the links to the source files - uncompressed and/or zipped.

P.S. Don't forget to acknowledge the value of this resource to the maintainer of this meta-collection (a thank you note will do) and, perhaps, even attribute the source, if your software will be citable.

  • @jakebeal: Thank you! That's a long tail of the Web, I guess... :-) – Aleksandr Blekh Jun 26 '16 at 10:02

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