I am at the end of my PhD. I am considering switching to the private sector and find a job in some company. There are two main questions I did not find an answer yet:

  1. Is there some professional profile requiring the abstract level of expertise acquired during a three years PhD project, independently from the specific field of research? I can see how the soft-skills of problem solving, project management, team-work, that most of PhD have to acquire in order to finish their studies can be spent outside academia. Yet, I am not aware of the terminology, and thus I am not able to find this answer by myself. All help is highly appreciated.

  2. Is the end of a PhD the optimal time to do this passage from academia to private sector? Is a post-doc only an unnecessary step further from the employer point of view?

Despite I come from bio-medical research (behvioral neuroscience), I am especially looking for an answer that does not take in consideration the specific background of the PhD.

I hope I got my first question on this community right, and I didn´t waste anyone's time.

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