I am using microsoft office word, the newest version (2016) for mac. I have previously used Endnote as a referencing tool, but now I switched to Mendeley because It is conveniently good at organizing my PDF files. There is also a neat plugin for word on my mac for this program, and I can use it without a problem.

However, I was using the writing program LaTex for a while as an alternative to word, and since I switched back to word I miss the ability to just "command" the reference to appear in the text using a referencing key word. Mendeley is a very neat program, but you still have to "click" around on the screen a lot to enter one reference.

So I have two questions:

  1. Are there any more "programable" referencing tools which are comparable with microsoft office word (for mac)? Or is this an absolute limit of what word can do, and I have to accept that if I want to use word.. then the referencing tools will always be plug-in's that I have to "click" around in the program to use - each time I want to add a reference?

  2. Are there ( based on personal preferences ) better programs out there then Mendeley?


Jabref: A cross platform, nice tool with a ton of useful features. Does not have big dependencies, and does no rely on obscure formats. Has good import/export and manages links to pdfs.

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