I have been out of academia for about eight years and am looking to go back to graduate school. I would like to get some feedback on my statement of purpose, outside of the circle of friends and family I have available. Does anyone know a good resource I might be able to turn to. Thanks in advance!


One might believe that one of the best ways to assess a SoP, in view of technical affairs and coverage of the necessary cases, shall be:

  • Composing based on the best practices, have which been accessible within the web. Such advice-driven clarification will paves your way to consider the stuffs within your SoP, are which necessary in view of the target reader. A handful of typical resources could be tracked like this one, this one, this one and even this one. By taking such approach into account, your SoP will have been checked according to those guidelines, indirectly.

  • Presenting the SoP to the fellows, who have been already admitted to the competitive programs in your field. Obviously, That person had composed a decent SoP to become successful and the feedback from such person shall be, noticeably, constructive for you.


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