When I was applying for PhD programs, only one offered a recruitment fellowship, a small (but more than $1,000) fellowship to be disbursed in the August before the initial semester began. This turned out to be the program I joined, and as I now am beginning to look for positions, I realized this could perhaps be listed as a fellowship on my CV.

How common are recruitment fellowships for students accepted to PhD programs? Would it be appropriate to list on one's CV as "[University] Fellowship" or something to that effect?

  • It's pretty common in my field, amounts of $2000-5000 are generally given as fellowships for dissertation completion for top students.
    – The Guy
    Apr 21, 2016 at 2:37

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You could, without any ethical pangs, but please realize that it will not carry much weight with hiring committees. Overall, it's a feather in the cap, as they say.

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