I am a college senior with 3.2 math gpa, who aspire to go to math grad school. I cannot stay in college any longer due to financial difficulties. My junior year I lost focus and got bunch of C's. Tried so hard my remaining two years and did well on analysis I/II, math stats, and complex, and some other applied math classes. But got C in abstract algebra I again (this time was really due to my father passing suddenly, I was quite depressed for months). My application right now is:

  • gpa:3.2
  • three summers of research one in physics, one in applied, one in pure math
  • I got two good, one excellent LOR to expect
  • still have chances to take GRE twice
  • some teaching and tutoring experience for the math dept.

What are my chances of getting to good grad school? Or do I have to do Masters program and detour a bit? Should I even apply next fall?

Thank you for all insights.

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