If a published paper had an author ordering [A,B] where A and B are primary authors and the ordering is alphabetical is it acceptable for B to list on his website the ordering [B,A] so his first-authorship would look more obvious to people skimming his website?

  • I would suggest formatting your name in bold to make it stand out. Also, I have seen people format their publications on their webpages by projects. I know these suggestions to not directly answer your question, but I think either one would help to make your own first authorship stand out more. – Richard Erickson Mar 3 '16 at 13:46

In Can co-first authors’ positions be swapped in a CV?, the answer with the most upvotes says

No. The reference is the reference, changing it to move yourself higher could be misinterpreted as willful deceit.

I believe the same logic applies to a website.

However, in a website, you do have more freedom in style and formatting than you would in a CV (although you still don't have the freedom to change author order...) For example, if you want to call attention to first authorship, you could list first authors and co-first authors in a slightly different weight or different color than the other authors.

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