I am soon finishing my master degree and planning to pursuit a PhD afterwards. During my studies I learned a lot and then forgot a lot. When I see my professors or PhD Supervisors, who seem to know everything from all lectures they have ever held/attended, I get the feeling that the "management" of old knowledge and structured acquisition of new knowledge becomes more and more important in your academic career.

After a little bit of research into the area of personal knowledge management I came up with various solutions for battling the information overload:

  • OneNote/Evernote (quite useful, but becomes crowded over time)

  • Blogging (presumably in the form of a knowledge blog, but I have no experience with this)

  • personal Wiki (seems to be the most powerful solution when used with semantic features).

Now I want to know if these tools are used at all in an academic environment and if there is a certain tendency in academia towards one instrument or another.