I am in the field of biomedical engineering and have some results for a full paper, trying to submit as a two-page abstract. I figured I could reuse the text I prepared from the full paper, but not sure how to organize the two pager. Would the following plan work?

Abstract - A very brief summary of the question, the methods and main results. Introduction - Not a full literature review, but only enough to point out the gap for the question I am trying to answer. Results - I try to briefly summarize the methods in the results section, and highlight the qualitative findings. Conclusions - I would skip the Discussion section, and put the take-home message here.

I'd probably put one figure to help the readers, if there is a good one.

What do you think of this plan?

PS: I was intending to present a "finding" paper, not a "methods" paper that developed a new technique. In that case, I cannot skip the methods section for sure.


The usual advice for this type of question is:

Do not shorten, but rewrite.

This will not only produce a smoother text, but also will be quicker. Squeezing eight pages to two is a tremendous headache and time consuming. Usually it also results in an awkward text. Writing two pages for something that you understand thoroughly is quicker. Make a good plan what you want to tell in two pages and write the two pages from scratch.

Edit: I just saw, that this advice is the same as the most upvoted comment for this question. In essence, this question is a duplicate…

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