I am currently a candidate for a few jobs, and have a few campus interviews.

How many candidates are typically invited for a campus interview?

I am mostly interested in answers for positions for the range of positions, tenure-track, non-tenure track, lecturer positions, and postdocs.

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For tenure-track positions my department generally invites 3 candidates for on-site interviews after doing phone screenings. This is what I have seen from a lot of universities in the US.

Other types of positions don't have standard rules. Non-tenure track and adjuct positions are filled as needed, don't involve as rigorous of interviews, and may never be brought on-site. Postdocs are usually hired by the individual PI rather than the department.

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    I'm in a math department with similar policies. We typically bring in 3 tenure track candidates for an on-campus interview (after a round of screening interviews by Skype.) For a one year visiting assistant professor position or even a permanent lecturer position we'd typically hire based on Skype interviews without any on-campus interview unless the candidate happened to be close enough to drive to campus for an interview. Feb 1, 2016 at 4:36
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    For math tenure track, I've seen 3-6 for 1 position, and maybe 5-8 for 2 positions.
    – Kimball
    Feb 1, 2016 at 5:39

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