Last year I was appointed to lecture a Data Structures course in a university in my hometown. The material for making my notes were based on several books, articles and also some material from Coursera in the cases that I needed to simplify some material or needed some exercises.

The notes included a final set of references at which the student could look after, like books, articles or urls of some online courses that I found interesting and from where I based my lecture notes.

This year the Dean of my Faculty has told me to convert all that study material into a book that could serve as a guide for the new students. The question that I have is if this would be really necessary? I mean it is not enough that the students could check up the material on this course based on the primary authors in which I based my set of notes? I bet to have a look in the original source would be far way better for the student than just considering the set of notes that I made.

What suggestions do you have to convert this study material into a small book for the students who would take this course?

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I suppose you are obliged to prepare what some may recall as a minimum learning material. It is what a student might need to get the a broad knowledge of the subject before s/he is to delve into the details.

If you are concerned that the original source ought to be referred due to its importance, then you might include this sentence...

The provided study material is by no means a complete replacement to the prescribed textbooks/sources on the subject.

...somewhere in the beginning of the material, such as the preface section. It what I usually do when compiling such notes.

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