I am trying to use the the Czech language ISO 690 style in the (Author Year) variant. However, citing anonymous references seems unsatisfactory. I am getting just "(ANON. 2016)". That gives almost zero identification information.

How do people deal with this?

I was thinking of modifying the style and using ("Title" Year) instead, when neither author nor editor nor translator nor interviewer is available.


ISO 690 is rather unambiguous about this (section 5.6. "Anonymous works"):

For anonymous works cited by the name and date system (see A.2), “Anon” may be used instead of a creator's name. For anonymous works cited by the numeric system (see A.3) or running notes (see A.4), the title may be treated as the first element. If the creator's name is known, it may be supplied.

If your publication venue requires you to use ISO 690 with name-date, you really don't have any choice here. After all, consistency is why journals etc. require you to follow a citation/publication style.

As per appendix A.2, you can distinguish different anonymous works from the same year by appending letters: (Anon., 2016a) vs. (Anon., 2016b). This is standard in Harvard style derivatives.

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