When searching for faculty positions in CS, I find the service http://cra.org/ads/ very useful. There you can find many job ads from North America based institutions. Is there any similar service for Europe?

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Is there any similar service for Europe?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is no. The closest equivalent, at least in the German-speaking area, is Academics.com. I am not aware of a similarly complete portal for the rest of Europe.

Additionally, the most complete list for the German-speaking area is definitely the newsletter sent out monthly by the "deutschen Hochschulverband" (essentially the union of German university teachers). This list has rather official character and is pretty much complete for the area. However, you need to be a member to receive this newsletter, and one can only become a member by having been employed in an academic post at a German university.

(or you know a member and ask him to forward you the newsletter each month)

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