Are there other options besides pursuing a Phd to participate in Biomedical research, Either in academia or companies?

For example, if a high school student wants to find the quickest way to be able to do research, what can be considered other than going to grad school? (I guess they could do research on their own, too, but they wouldn't be able to use any sophisticated equipments...)

I guess Why i'm wondering this is because I don't fully know what positions exist in a typical research lab ... I know there is 1.) principal investigator (=someone with a PhD?), 2.) grad students doing a Masters/Phd.
Are there other positions? Like a lab assistant/tech? Or are these positions filled by grad students, too? If not, what are minimal qualifications?

Another thing is, are the people in such "other" positions basically supposed to just take orders and can't voice their opinions in research?

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    Why don't you want to do a PhD if you want to do research? A PhD mainly involves doing research (with the added benefit of extra supervision and training.) – ff524 Dec 31 '15 at 5:37
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    Maybe OP is interested in programs that develop your research skills without necessarily going to PhD? that exist, but in today's overflow of biomedical PhDs, companies and labs will more likely employ someone with PhD, If you hate doing it, maybe you should consider program that have sandwich thesis concept, where only publications are done? – SSimon Dec 31 '15 at 5:45
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    I second the query of @ff524: why don't you want to pursue your education? There's a lot of possible "alternate paths" out there, but whether one makes sense or not depends a lot on what you want and why. – jakebeal Dec 31 '15 at 5:51