When I work on a paper I end up with folders paperXYZ, paperXYZ_R1, paperXYZ_R2, etc. Same thing happens with my code, project material, etc. This creates clattering and confusion. In addition, I need to backup things very often, to make sure nothing gets lost. Finally, once a paper / project is done, I need to archive it somewhere with easy access and searchable.

For a long time I was using the old fashion copy and rename the folder and every week backup everything to an external hard drive. Then, I moved to keeping everything on Dropbox, this lived shortly because I ran out of space. Now, I am slowly migrating my code to git repositories (bitbucket.org) and I still copy and rename the folders for my papers.

My questions are:

  • How do you keep the versions of your work, mainly concerning publications? But also other projects and code.
  • Where do you backup your final versions (the editable material, not the final pdf)?

Points like easiness of use, safety of material, easiness to search, etc. are welcome.

I know this is a subjective question (i.e. I know I'm pushing my luck), but I would like to see what people actually use and maybe get some ideas on what is considered best practice.



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