I want to use the information from this block of text talking about psychoanalysis:

Some authors (e.g. Allison et al., 2006 and Turkle, 1995) compare the player and avatar's relationship to a transmission field, as roughly defined by psychoanalysis: the avatar is not in exclusive competence of the player, while not being completely separated from them. It lies somewhere near the boarder of external and internal (psychological) reality.

I am unsure how to put it in my paper. Do I still say that the information is from the article I'm reading it from, or would I mention the authors of that information? Something like:

Lukas Blinka in his article entitled "The relationship of players to their avatars in MMORPGs" compares the relation of a player to their avatar to that of a transmission field...

The relevant style guide is MLA.

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What you need to do is write it so that the author of article is clearly identified as the compiler, rather than the originator, of the idea. For example:

Lukas Blinka notes that some critics have “compared the player and avatar’s relationship to a transmission field” (##).

You would only include Blinka's article in your bibliography. If I cared to know who those critics were, I'd go to his article to find them.

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