I am not really sure how research works in industry. I am an early grad student and research is my passion. However, I do want to go into industry once I am done with my thesis.

But, I do want to continue to publish papers or patents with my job. As, I would be going to industry after a Phd, I would be working in a close field. Most of my advisor's students get positions in R&D wings of reputed companies. But, it seems like many of them stop publishing once they leave. I wanted to ask, if it is possible to collaborate with universities and professors and keep publishing during my work.

My area of work is in semiconductor physics and nanoscience.


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It depends heavily on the company. I know some companies that see publishing employees as a benefit and possibility for advertisement. Other companies are afraid that a competitor might steal the work. Thus, they often require that a patent is submitted beforehand and/or supervisors are required to check the paper for secret information. In general most companies do not think that publication is a great benefit and often do not support it, e.g., travel expenses.

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