Content in the paper:

This problem can be solved with the application of machine learning algorithms. Machine Learning is the process of programming computers to optimize a performance criterion using example data or past experience (Alpaydin, 2010). .......[some of my own content] A learning routing program is able to adapt to the best path by monitoring the network traffic (Alpaydin, 2010).

At the beginning of the paragraph, I have cited the author and then I have some content which are compiled by me. Then I am again using an example given by the author which needs to be cited. So, I have cited him again at the end of the paragraph. Can I do this?


Yes, you can. Check out an example from the invaluable APA Style Blog:

Morin (1988) described two separate but linked epidemics. . . . Morin distinguished the HIV (viral) epidemic from the subsequent AIDS (disease) epidemic, foreseeing the ultimate convergence of preventing the spread of the virus and managing the disease it causes. . . . Morin also discussed a third epidemic . . . . This third epidemic is as much a part of the pathology of AIDS as the virus itself (Morin, 1988).

Socioeconomic status (SES) and chronic diseases rather consistently fall on a gradient, where those of relatively lower SES have poorer health and are more often afflicted by multiple diseases than those above them on the SES ladder (Adler & Stewart, 2010). . . . Adler and Stewart (2010) offered a framework to explain the major pathways by which SES can influence health outcomes. . . . The model is developmental, illustrating individual, social, and structural influences on disease over the lifespan (Adler & Stewart, 2010).


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