Say in the reference list you have referenced a book: can you reference a chapter in that book in-text as such: (Doe 2011, Chapter 3)?

I don't necessarily want to go with the option of referencing each chapter in the reference list.

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Yes, inline citations can cite subsets of texts like sections, chapters, or (more commonly) pages (e.g. when sourcing a direct quote). Different styles might have different rules on abbreviation (e.g. "Chapter" vs. "chapter" vs. "Ch." vs. "ch.")


While advice, shared by @WBT, is valid for regular books, it is not appropriate for edited books, which contain collections of papers, authored by different sets of authors. You have to cite and reference each chapter individually. The above-mentioned statements are true, at least, for using APA Style (see this page), however, you will need to consult with your publication style guide or manual, if your selected style is different from the APA, to make sure you follow their guidelines.

  • After noticing your mention of Harvard Style in the title of your question, I just checked to make sure my answer is still relevant. Indeed, the Harvard Style, as I expected, has the same guidelines in regard to citing and referencing chapters of edited books, as the APA Style (i.e., see this page). Oct 20, 2015 at 19:53

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