I am a Bsc degree holder in Geoinformatics from Nigeria intending to apply for Msc in Information Technology program in Germany, looking at the prerequisite its entirely a different ball game. So I decided to take some training for IT certificate courses like Network+, Cyber Ethical Hacking (CEH) and hoping to do Cisco certified Network Association (CCNA) and even planing on learning German language soon. My question is will these certification acquisition give me a boost for admission to study Information Technology in Germany or anywhere in the UK.


This heavily depends on the program you are applying for. Usually (in Germany) they require you to have an equivalent Bachelor to what they offer as Bachelor in the field, i.e., Information Technology in your case. Whether a Bachelor is equivalent is typically decided case by case. The whole procedure and detailed requirements are described in the Zugangsordnung of the faculty.

Since you are a student from a non-EU country there are most likely more requirements you need to fulfill, e.g., assessment of the German university entrance qualification, language requirements, visa, etc. You should get in contact with the international office of the university as soon as possible.

  • Interesting scenario. Smaller institutions in the U.S.A would usually be happy to accommodate scenarios like this, but of course, one would have to usually be self-financed, as is the case for most M.S. IT programs here in the USA. – user42055 Oct 8 '15 at 16:57

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