When I send out my GRE record to universities, can they see the list of all recipients? I generated a PDF version of my GRE record by clicking the print button, it actually shows the recipient list. Can all the recipients see that? I think that information is supposed to be private.

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    I have called GRE and they say the score recipient list is for my reference only. – Aiden Oct 13 '15 at 17:06

In the past, at least, the default seemed to be that the list of all recipients showed up on the form of the records sent to graduate programs. I know this because I was/am on admissions committees and saw such information. On another hand, I do also know that it is possible to suppress it, since in recent years most GRE reports seem not to show this to admissions committees.

Unfortunately, I do not know how the examinee arranges to suppress that information. It certainly is not done automatically, despite the obvious point that it should be private.

  • You can suppress the recipient information by editing the HTML file that you use to print GRE reports. – ZYX Jan 30 '16 at 20:24

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