I have a degree in Social Education (done in Portugal). I am wondering whether anybody can help me in finding organizations that can provide an equivalency certificate (report) for this degree. I have searched and a degree in Social Pedagogy is very similar to mine. However, I don't know how to obtain an equivalency certificate (report) for that degree either.

  • Are you planning to use such a certificate to help in obtaining a professional license in another country? What country? – Brian Borchers Sep 18 '15 at 2:21

In the UK, NARIC is the government designated agency for comparing foreign qualifications to their UK equivalents.


There are various companies that offer commercial services of varied quality for generating and delivering degree equivalency certificates (reports) as well as some other related services. One of the most well-known such companies is World Education Services (WES) (in their terminology, an equivalency certificate and the process of its generation are referred to as a credential evaluation). Please see my related answer for a bit more details and a warning about WES.

I would suggest you to consider performing an Internet search for finding similar companies and comparing their services against your specific requirements before finalizing your decision.

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