There is a new trend on some Universities (in engineering and science majors), that professors show lecture slides over a video projector on the screen instead of writing on the chalkboard. They enter the hall, stay two hours totally passive before the students and read the slides aloud without explaining it. I even have had a mathematics course, in which the professor read the slides like a textbook without explaining them on the board or working examples.

Are you also affected? Which method do you think is more effective? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? (I myself believe the chalkboard is much more effective.)

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    Closely related question: In teaching, what are the advantages of using slides over doing board work?
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    To me, this question sounds like "What is better? Your crop fields getting flooded completely or a little drought on your field?" - that's a no-brainer, and also not a good question to ask, as the answer doesn't tell you anything about what is best.
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    As currently written your question is a very bad fit for this site. "Are you also affected" is a poll. "What do you think is more effective" is opinion-based, though it could maybe be made more objective with a request for references. Also, you seem to have formed a strong opinion anyway, and as such I am not sure what you are trying to achieve here.
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    @Infinity Unfortunately gathering a lot of opinions is not how Stack Exchange works. Specifically, this is not "one of the goals of" this specific forum, even though your statement is certainly true for forums in general.
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    @Infinity: Stack Exchange is not a forum. And while Stack Exchange may be helpful for forming educated opinions, it is not for just asking for opinions.
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What you describe is not teaching with slides, it is teaching very badly with slides. A teacher can teach very badly with the board too: as an undergraduate, I had one mathematics professor who only mumbled inaudibly while either facing at an oblique angle to the class or else while writing small unintelligible letters on the chalkboard in a descending arc.

Slides can be an excellent teaching tool, in that they allow a professor to show images, data, illustrations, and other things that cannot be readily drawn by hand. I find that their main disadvantage is that they are fixed before the class, and thus cannot be readily adjusted or corrected to track the interaction with students on the fly. Conversely, working on the board can be more interactive, but must remain much simpler, which can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on content.

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