For a writing assignment, I'm doing some research on my topic (CalgaryNEXT). Most sites I've seen report generally the same ideas and the same stats. Then I found this post of someone who attended a presentation by the project's lead, and he mentions a few other points not covered elsewhere.

Unfortunately though, its just "some dude on Reddit".

Is there any legitimate way of sourcing something like this, or must I rely on cut-and-paste articles from more reputable news sites?


I would shy away from using reddit.com specifically, as the website has even less clout than Wikipedia (which at least attempts to source their material). If the author was a reporter, his job is on the line for being factual. On reddit, there are no repercussions for posting mistakes. Unfortunately, you might have to rely on newspaper articles for this one.

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  • I like this answer. One more idea, @Carcigenicate -- if you could get in touch with the person who posted at Reddit, and ask permission to use his name, then I suppose you could cite a Personal Communication. – aparente001 Aug 23 '15 at 2:35

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