This age old question has probably been asked, but there are always new considerations and specifics. Also I want to hear from people who have quit the program themselves, namely the biggest question of all: Do you regret it? and, did you ever feel that it hurt you later in your industry life? (assuming you have a Masters)

I have a fellowship and I'm in a prestigious program, but I am truly suffering in it. My advisor puts us (the students) against each other to compete and there are tons of politics. Of course industry is not without politics, but I have had experiences there and it was not this bad.

My current options are to switch advisors and start the research portion from scratch or accept a nice offer from Google for a very interesting team that is similar to my line of research. In the short term, I know I will enjoy being in a company. I'm a bit older (32) and I've worked in companies before. I also have friends there and I miss working in a collaborative team. I'm afraid however, in the long term certain positions or opportunities will be closed off for me. And of course a general feel of feel failure.

  • If you want to give industry a try, take a leave of absence -- don't burn your bridges! Aug 11, 2015 at 3:09
  • I was in similar situation long time ago (the only difference is that Google did not exist back then). I think it's very unlikely you'll come back to Academia once you leave for industry. My advice is to figure out what and where your mind and your heart are before you make the decision. What do you truly want to do (in your heart)? What do you think you should do (in your mind)? To answer your question: Do you regret it? Yes, I do. Please see this answer.
    – Nobody
    Aug 11, 2015 at 7:09


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