When uploading files in SCHOLARONE Manuscripts (IEEE journals), I can pick an appropriate file designation for each. What is the file designations 'Summary of changes' and 'Summary of differences'? enter image description here


Summary of Differences: If you are submitting an extended version of a previously published work, you may be required to submit a "Summary of Differences" between the new work and the original.

Summary of Changes: If you have made revisions and are re-submitting a manuscript that has already been reviewed by this journal, you may upload a file in which you respond to the reviewers' questions and comments as a "Summary of Changes."

  • If some parts of the manuscript were published earlier, then should I upload previous papers fully (choosing the file destination ‘Previous Published Version(s)’ ), or upload summary of differences only? Thanks. – Konstantin Isupov Jul 26 '15 at 10:26

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