There were a few occasions during my Undergraduate Thesis where my research brought me to one particular author's book which benefited my work greatly not only for its content but sources. Within his book there were a plethora of good sources which had the potential to benefit my argument in the same way they benefitted his, as, in this case, our arguments were similar (but not the same).

Is it considered an unethical research practice to use his sources, either in short or in whole, and make no mention of him or his work? It cuts down on a significant degree of work to just use his sources and insert their names in my bibliography. I'm not saying using his book as a springboard to further investigate those sources of his, but to use them as he uses them by just inserting those exact or slightly modified (in this case) quotes. I'm struggling with whether this is considered unethical in the research world.

Thoughts? I'm especially curious as I have a forthcoming Masters degree (and Master's Thesis) to worry about...


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